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The Swan Lake is actually 2 lakes separated by a central causeway and is located right at the entrance to Beechwood Park. The older of the 2 lakes has 14 pegs, is reed fringed, and heavily stocked with Carp to 5lbs+. The newer lake is right outside the on-site Tackle Shop, has 2 islands, 22 pegs and a large disabled/tuition platform. This lake is ideal for those who want guaranteed sport without having to walk far.

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The Warren Lake at Beechwood Park (some people refer to it as 'The Dohnut'because of its shape), is the oldest Lake on the complex. With 24 pegs situated on an Island, the fishing is relatively unique as it is 'from the inside, back to the outside'. Mature trees surround the Lake, and lily pads and reed beds make for not only a picturesque setting, but interesting fishing! The Warren Lake is well stocked with big Carp running to low double figures along with a good helping of Carp in the 2 - 5lb bracket.All other Coarse Fish can also be caught including Roach to 1lb+, Tench to 5lbs and Bream to 4lbs.




Consisting of 30 pegs, the Oak Lake is a match and pleasure anglers paradise. Every peg can comfortably reach an Island with a maximum 12m pole. The lake is well stocked with Carp to 6lbs, Tench to 6lbs and a large head of Roach and Rudd. Match anglers commonly amass bags of 70+lbs of carp with back up weights in the 50lbs and 60lbs. The lake record stands at 106lbs and is regularly threatened.




Constructed about 4 years ago, the heavily stocked Kingfisher Lake was designed to offer the angler the chance to try a wide variety of skills. With several inviting bays and wide lengths, the discerning angler can fish with a waggler, feeder, lead or pole to extract the maximum from the pegs. Offering 40 purpose designed pegs, there are some that the pole angler can fish to the points of Islands..



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